Top 7 Famous Nigerian Celebrities Who Own Lamborghini (Photos)

Top 7 Famous Nigerian Celebrities Who Own Lamborghini (Photos)

Nigerian celebrities and exotic cars are like best pals. It is a normal thing to find Nigerian celebrities amongst those with the latest and expensive cars. These cars are worth millions to billions to naira. One of the famous choices of supercars loved by Nigerian celebrities is Lamborghini.

Lamborghini is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The company is owned by the Volkswagen Group through its subsidiary Audi. The company makes different models of this super sports car known for luxury, performance and superb speed. Common models of the Lamborghini brand include Lamborghini Huracan, Lamborghini Urus, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Murcielago and many more.

Truth is, amongst Nigerian celebrities, one or more of these Lamborghini models can be found in their car collections. In this article, have curated the list of Nigerian celebrities who own Lamborghini cars amongst their car collection.


Olamide Acquire Lamborghini Worth over N218 MillionOlamide Acquire Lamborghini Worth over N218 Million

Olamide, the Baddo Master, is another Nigerian celebrity with lots of money in his hands. Olamide is a Nigerian music star who has produced various award-winning songs. A prominent artist, Olamide has various awards under his belt, the likes of  “Album of the year”, “Best indigenous artists” as well as many nominations. He was born and bred in Bariga Lagos State in March 1989. The Baddo master bought himself a brand new Lamborghini Aventador worth 218 million Naira.


Davido’s 275M Lamborghini finally enroute to NigeriaDavido’s 275M Lamborghini finally enroute to Nigeria

Omo Baba Olowo’ himself is on our list of Nigerian celebrities with Lamborghini. Of course, what would you expect from a talented artist who has a net worth of 8.5 billion NGN. If you are active online, you will know that Davido is no small artist. He practically raised 200 million NGN in less than three days from his fans to celebrate his birthday! Davido’s Lamborghini will blow your mind as he has it customized to his taste. Just last year, Davido bought a new Lamborghini Aventador worth ₦275million. He also has a Lamborghini Huracan.


Wizkid Lamborghini UrusWizkid Lamborghini Urus

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid or Starboy is a music icon in Nigeria. There’s hardly any Wizkid song that isn’t a hit, recognized both nationally and Internationally. It’s been reported that Wizkid charges millions of naira and thousands of dollars to perform at shows and events. Little wonder he has lots of cash to enjoy the best of cars, lives in exquisite houses and even wears designer clothes. Amongst Wizkid’s expensive car collection is a Lamborghini Urus worth over ₦101 million.


Jowizaza Lamborghini AventadorJowizaza Lamborghini Aventador

Joseph Eze Okafor, Jnr, popularly called Jowi Zaza is one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria. He is wealthy and sometimes people call him a Yahoo because he has so much money at a young age. We can say Jowi Zaza is a true son of his father, Chief Joseph Eze Okafor, who is a wealthy oil and gas business magnate. Jowi Zaza has also followed his father’s path by becoming the Chief Executive Officer of his father’s business, Jezco Oil and Lubricants. He has an extensive list of exotic cars, one of which is a Lamborghini Aventador worth over ₦ 115 million.



Obafemi Martins is a Nigerian footballer, although he doesn’t play for the Super Eagles anymore. He was once Nigeria’s fastest player and a scare to opponents because of his skilful goal-scoring abilities. Besides football, Obafemi Martins makes money from endorsement and business. He is the able owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo worth ₦115 million.



Mompha is a young boy of swags and so much money. Mohammed Lawal Mustapha aka Mompha Junior is the richest kid in Nigeria. He is dubbed as the youngest landlord in Nigeria owing to the mansions and houses he has in his name. Mompha Junior is definitely born with a silver spoon as his dad, popular Nigerian billionaire, Mustapha Ismailia, has made wealth a thing for ease for his kid. This young boy already cruises on a private jet from country to country. He also has an expensive collection of cars, one of which is the Lamborghini Aventador.


Dino Melaye Acquires N460m 2020 Lamborghini Aventandor RoadstarDino Melaye Acquires N460m 2020 Lamborghini Aventandor Roadstar

Once a member of the House of Representatives, Dino Melaye is a politician, lawmaker and a former senator of Nigeria. Serving as a senator, Dino Melaye represented the Kogi West Senatorial District under the People’s Democratic Party. Senator Dino Melaye is one of few senators who has stirred controversy in Nigeria with his attitudes and words. He is often referred to as the ‘singing senator’. He is not only a politician, Dino Melaye is a wealthy man. He has a luxurious line of cars and houses too. He is the proud owner of a Lamborghini Gallardo worth millions of naira.


No doubt, Nigerian celebrities know how to enjoy life. They live in luxurious houses and drive expensive cars like the Lamborghini.

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