Kofi Adjorlolo cheerless Ghanaian Tv stations show Nigerian movies free of charge

Kofi Adjorlolo cheerless Ghanaian Tv stations show Nigerian movies free of charge

Veteran Ghanaian actor, Kofi Adjorlolo, has raised concerns about Ghanaian TV stations airing Nigerian movies without permission on local channels.

In an interview on Hit FM’s DayBreak Hitz, Adjorlolo lamented that Ghanaian television stations for freely broadcasting Nigerian movies, highlighting its negative impact on Ghanaian actors and the industry at large.

The legendary actor, renowned for his illustrious career in Ghana’s film industry, criticized the practice, deeming it detrimental to both the Ghanaian film industry and Nigerian filmmakers' rights.

He expressed dismay over the trend, noting that it leads to Nigerian producers overlooking Ghanaian actors due to the ease with which their movies are distributed in Ghana.

Kofi Adjorlolo disclosed that many Nigerian producers are unhappy with Ghanaian TV stations and streaming platforms that upload Nigerian films without authorization.

He emphasized the financial repercussions for Ghanaian actors and urged local channels to cease this unauthorized distribution, stressing the importance of respecting international copyright and intellectual property laws.

Adjorlolo's remarks underscore the significance of upholding copyright regulations and protecting intellectual property rights within the entertainment sector.

Unauthorized broadcasting of Nigerian movies not only violates the rights of Nigerian filmmakers but also undermines the integrity of legal content distribution channels.





Written By: DJ RAYA