Nigerian man went temporarily blind trying to set Guinness World Record for longest crying marathon

Nigerian man went temporarily blind trying to set Guinness World Record for longest crying marathon

A Nigerian man identified as Tembu Ebere, who forced himself to cry for a week as part of the Guinness World Record attempt went temporarily blind during the challenge and suffered from a headache, puffed eyes, and a swollen face.

Tembu Ebere lost some of his vision as he tried to bawl nonstop for a whole week in one of many Guinness World Records attempts sweeping the African nation.

Reports by BBC stated that the man began to experience severe headaches, puffy eyes, and a swollen face from the constant crying before going temporarily blind for 45 minutes.




Tembu Ebere claims to be a comedian on his social media profiles. He promoted his efforts on TikTok, telling his followers under the username @237_towncryer, "Send me your troubles, I'll cry for you," as reported by NY Breaking. In the video, which he uploaded on TikTok, he sat next to a live timer that showed 2 hours and 7 minutes.

"I had to re-strategize and reduce my wailing," Tembu Ebere told BBC.

TikTokers from all around the world have watched Ebere's video 5.3 million times, with some even giving him a standing ovation. One of them said, "Go man, you can do it."

Some joked, "Honestly, I cried longer, I think," and “No, I still hold that record.”

However, the sensation can occur due to a headache and a build-up of pressure in the eye.

Despite the challenges he has faced, it was reported that his attempt will not be accepted because he has not formally joined Guinness World Records.

A four-day chef cooking marathon that attracted public attention has sparked a flurry of record attempts in Nigeria, according to the official records website.

Due to the popularity of Hilda Baci's attempt to cook constantly for 100 hours, the official Guinness World Records website experienced two days of outages.

She received praise from the general public and also from the vice president of Nigeria for her efforts to "put Nigerian cuisine on the map."


Written By: DJ RAYA