Fans ask Cassper; on why he keeps losing friends

Fans ask Cassper; on why he keeps losing friends

After reports that Cassper has seemingly fallen out with yet another friend, fans have asked the rapper to reflect on why all his public friendships seem to "end" with people moving away from him.

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Cassper's circle of friends have come under the microscope recently after Riky Rick suggested that the pair weren't that close anymore. Riky's comments come just months after Cassper's former protégé confirmed that he had left the rapper's record label.

Fans were shocked by Cassper's "split" from Riky and questioned why the former besties fell out.

Cassper wasted no time in replying to a fan who came looking for answers, claiming that losing friends was a trademark of all the "great" people and in fact he didn't need friends.

"Study the greats and tell me if this is something new. I have accepted my destiny. Nothing will shake me. I will stand firm! Unshaken! All I need in my life is God, my family and my fans. Period!"

The distance between Riky and Cassper became evident when Riky invited nearly everyone but Cassper to be part of his Cotton Festival.

When fans realised it, they remembered that Riky was also not a factor at Fill Up Moses Mabhida despite having been all over the show at Cassper's previous events.

“I wasn’t booked for the event or even asked to be part of it but I don’t have beef with not being part of it though. It’s dope to see SA hip hop unite and create dope moments. I’m all for that,” tweeted Cassper after tons of fans asked if he was omitted of the Cotton Fest line up by mistake.

Even though Riky has also tiptoed around the reasons he snubbed Cassper, in a recent interview with Slikour On Life he attributed their "break up" to conflicting vibes.

"I think you don’t always need...equity trade and sometimes the situation just doesn’t feel right. For me, I’m the type of person that’s like trying to do stuff that’s real, it’s gotta be real from this point. I’ve been going through a lot of stuff for the past 12 months and it woke me up to like: ‘Sh*ts gotta be real’. So it can’t just be about equity trade.

"I don’t want any more relationships like that...based on tit for tat, but it’s weird because we get a lot of feedback for it you know. And it’s like it’s all on us and I know some stories need to stay in the streets, they will always stay in the streets. Somethings are just not for public consumption so I’m keeping personal relationships and I’m keeping business relationships business," said Riky.