One Has To Be Educated To Be A Good Rapper – Medikal

One Has To Be Educated To Be A Good Rapper – Medikal

Like those in sports (footballers and athletes), most rappers don’t take their education with all seriousness. For most rapperss in school, their topmost priority is how to blow and not how to pass their internal and external examinations.

But for rapper Medikal, those with above-mentioned mindset have got it all wrong because a lot of things especially education goes into rap. To him, for a rapper to come out with a meaning lyrical content comes with a lot of research else the end product of the song will be empty.

The Arab Money Gang (AMG) signed act in a comprehensive interaction with showbiz posited that;

“Education Is Very Key To Being A Rapper. You Just Have To Learn And It Must Not Come Necessarily From Sitting In The Classroom. On Your Own, You Must Learn, Get Some Education. It Can Come From Movies, Music And Others. Pick Words, Look For Their Meaning And Upgrade Your Vocabulary.

“A Lot Of People Ask Me How I Get My Punchlines Looking At The Fact That I Am An SHS Leaver Who Went To IPMC To Learn Computer Engineering. Yes, That Is My Qualification But I Read A Lot. I Google Things A Lot. As A Rapper, You Should Not Rhyme Just For Rhyming Sake; You Rhyme To Make Sense, For Example On My How Much Song, There Is A Part Where I Said, My Girlfriend Is Too Curvy So I Cannot Think Straight.

“We All Know That If Something Is Not Crooked Or Curved It Is Straight, I Had To Understand They Are Opposites For It To Work. Having The Talent Is Good But You Need To Have More So You Can Go Far.”