The music industry is not attractive to investors; just vibes and 'Inshallah' - KiDi

The music industry is not attractive to investors; just vibes and 'Inshallah' - KiDi

KiDi has expressed his concerns about the challenges that many creatives face in the music industry, noting that a significant number of artists are relying on "vibes and Insha Allah" to make it through.

During an interview on 'The Day Show' with Berla Mundi, KiDi acknowledged that individuals in the industry are making the best of the resources available to them

He emphasised that everyone in the creative sector is working hard, even though they wish for catalysts that can elevate their work to a broader audience.

KiDi recognised the importance of securing investments from individuals who believe in their artistic vision. However, he pointed out the absence of a well-defined system within the industry, making it challenging to attract investments.

He said, "The investment conversation is a complex one because there are numerous factors contributing to this issue. If I'm an investor looking to invest in a system, what system is there to invest in? There is no structured system to make the industry attractive."


“That conversation is a wider conversation because there's so many things plucked into this one problem. If I'm an investor, and I'm coming to invest in a system. What is the system? There is no system to even be attractive,” he said.

KiDi also mentioned that many artists rely on their passion and dedication to push through obstacles. He also stressed the importance of finding solutions and persevering, rather than dwelling on the problems.

“That's why a lot of us, it is our passion and passion is what makes the difference between when the thing is weighing you down, you're still pushing because it's what you love to do.

“So we'll keep working hard. I will not come and sit and say, this thing is not working for me. Yes, there's things that are bad, but my mentality is to always forge on, like, keep going, no matter what the thing is.

"I'll find a plan to manoeuvre my way around it until I can get it fixed,” he said.

For him, the focus is on continuous hard work and problem-solving to overcome the hurdles that arise in the music industry.