ABD TRAORE, the Visionary Behind the Phenomenal Success of HEY IBIZA WAVE II Festival

ABD TRAORE, the Visionary Behind the Phenomenal Success of HEY IBIZA WAVE II Festival

Ghana-based entrepreneur and music promoter, ABD Traore, has emerged as the driving force behind the sensational rise and unparalleled success of the HEY IBIZA. With an unwavering commitment to showcasing African talent and celebrating the vibrant sounds of African music and beach culture, ABD Traore has revolutionized the festival landscape, creating a platform that unites music lovers and showcases the rich diversity of African music and culture.


Set along the pristine shores of Alora Beach Resort on June 25, HEY IBIZA WAVE II transformed the beach into a paradise of rhythm and revelry. Festival organizers, WatsUp TV in partnership with Amapiano+SKYMUSIC, meticulously curated an experience that flawlessly merged the serenity of the seaside with the infectious energy of live music, creating an unparalleled atmosphere that captivated attendees from the moment they arrived.

Recognizing the global appeal of beach culture, African music and the need for a platform that could amplify African music to a broader audience, he conceptualised the HEY IBIZA festival, a groundbreaking event that celebrates African artists, DJs and elevates the beach culture to new heights. Since its inception, The festival has rapidly gained momentum, attracting a massive following and becoming a staple in the music calendar. The festival's unique blend of music, culture, and beachside vibes has captivated audiences worldwide, transforming it into a must-attend event for fans of African music and the beach lifestyle.

What sets HEY IBIZA apart is ABD TRAORE's commitment to curating an unparalleled lineup of African and diaspora DJS. The festival showcases the incredible depth and diversity of African music.


The festival has earned a reputation for its incredible WatsUp TV & SKYMUSIC lineup of multi-talented MCs and DJs across various genres,as well as its unique fusion of Amapiano, Afrobeats, Afropop, and electronic sounds, all within a captivating beachside ambience. The highly patronised event is designed to showcase and celebrate Ghana’s vibrant music scene, food, and diverse cultural lifestyle in a dynamic and festive atmosphere.

For this year's edition held, The highly patronized festival provided the perfect setting for celebrities and music enthusiasts to come together and revel in the magic of live performances by top Disk Jockeys from around the continent. Among the highlights of the festival were the appearances of several high-profile celebrities who graced the event with their presence, such as Cheddar Jacob Freedom, Memphis Depay, Georginio Wijnaldum, Thomas Partey, Joseph Paintsil, Majeed Ashimeru, Gideon Mensah, and Abdul Samed.

Beyond the music, the HEY IBIZA Festival provided a holistic experience that celebrates beach culture in all its facets. From traditional cuisine and fashion showcases to art installations and cultural performances, attendees are immersed in a world that captures the essence of Africa. ABD's vision of creating an authentic and transformative experience has resonated with fans, who eagerly embrace the festival as an opportunity to connect with their roots and celebrate the global impact of African music and culture.

ABD TRAORE'S extraordinary journey and dedication to promoting African music and culture have undoubtedly transformed the beach festival landscape. His vision and relentless pursuit of excellence have propelled HEY IBIZA Festival to incredible heights, cementing its status as a premier event in Ghana



Source: WatsUp TV