No Birthday Wish From Pokello To Elikem ! Could Something Be Wrong?

No Birthday Wish From Pokello To Elikem ! Could Something Be Wrong?

We are just hoping that nothing is wrong with the Kumordzies’–I mean it’s hard to mind our own business when it is our business to gossip. Yesterday was Elikem’s birthday and one would expect that on a special day like this for the actor and fashion designer, there would be at least a post from his wife, Pokello to him on Social media.

I mean, it could be that, she wished him privately and spent the day with him but history has taught us that, each time a celebrity couple stop posting pictures of each other on Social media, then something could be wrong somewhere.

We don’t know the couple as the quiet type as they shared almost every beautiful moment on Social media at the start of their relationship, so we are wondering why they’ve decided to cool the love flame all of a sudden.

We are worried because, it would be recalled that, when Chris Attoh and his ex-wife Damilola started having issues in their marriage, it all started with Damilola avoiding making any posts on Chris and on his birthday in May this year, his ex-wife refused to wish him on Social media when she had always done so in previous years.

When we asked if something was wrong, Chris Attoh denied the rumours but months later, the media was vindicated when he came out to reveal that, indeed his marriage had ended.

Elikem and Pokello have a daughter together and we wouldn’t want to believe the Chris Attoh and Damilola story is about to repeat itself.

Well, we would be digging for the juice on what’s going on and would let you know what we are able to find.

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