Chris Brown Banned From Sitting In The BET Awards Audience Because Of Karreuche Tran

Chris Brown Banned From Sitting In The BET Awards Audience Because Of Karreuche Tran

Chris Brown never got near ex Karrueche Tran during the BET Awards because he wasn’t even allowed in the audience! We’ve got the details on how Breezy was kept backstage per her restraining order.

Everyone was holding their breath to see if any ugliness went down between Chris Brown, 28, and ex Karrueche Tran, 29, when they both attended the BET Awards on June 25. She was just granted a five-year restraining order against the singer on June 15, yet he was there to perform while she was a presenter. Thankfully, the show’s production team made sure they were never anywhere near each other during the big night. Sources tell TMZ that the Claws star was moved from the audience to a holding room during Breezy’s performance, making sure that they were kept 100 yards apart per the terms of the court.


Kae didn’t watch Chris’ epic appearance while in the holding room according to the site, and we told you that Breezy was rushed off the stage after performing “Privacy” and then “Party” alongside Gucci Mane, 37. Producers wanted to make sure that he was long gone by the time that the actress was set to present an award. TMZ also reports that Chris never sat in the audience so that he and Karrueche couldn’t even make eye contact, staying backstage the whole time.

While Chris and Kae managed to get through the show without any incident, Breezy was involved in a drama with her new boyfriend Quavo from Migosafter the telecast. The 26-year-old and the rest of his group were already riled up after getting cut off during an interview with Complex’s Joe Budden, 36, where things almost came to blows. Migos headed through the parking garage and right into the path of Chris, who was leaning up against a white car. Fortunately, the singer kept his cool even though a member of his entourage allegedly said something that got Quavo, Offset and Takeoff pissed off. Fortunately, security was present to keep everyone cool and no punches were thrown.