Chris Brown must pay $1.7 million debt related to popeyes loan

Chris Brown must pay $1.7 million debt related to popeyes loan

City National Bank alleges the singer owes nearly $2 million for a loan to purchase two Popeyes restaurants.

Restaurants are known for being tough investments, and Chris Brown is finding that out first hand.

Back in September, the R&B singer was sued by City National Bank for nearly $2 million, alleging that he owed the institution for a loan it gave him and other investors to buy two Popeyes Chicken locations.

The bank alleges the loan took place in 2018, and that “Borrower and Guarantors owe $2,140,901.74 in unpaid principal and interest.” Meanwhile, the singer is noted as a “personal guarantor” who owes $1,314,367.40. According to BNN Breaking, a Los Angeles court has weighed in on the legal battle, agreeing with a Georgia court’s ruling that Brown must pay the bank $1,760,654.11. He was warned that if he continues to ignore the situation or doesn’t pay “within the allotted time frame, he risks having his property, money, and wages seized to satisfy the debt.” The “Forever” singer now has 30 days to respond to the ruling.






This isn’t Brown’s first foray into the fast food world, as he also owns several Burger King franchises in Virginia. Though every restaurant is different, his previous experience with fast food makes this misstep seem even worse. While Brown probably has business managers handling these affairs, it’s up to him to be informed and knowledgeable about what’s happening with his money.

Anyone who’s ever been in a protracted dispute with a bank, credit card company or collection agency knows you can only fight these organizations for so long before you have to just concede defeat and come to some sort of agreement to pay the outstanding debt. Somehow, some way they always get their money. And we imagine that if that debt is nearly $2 million, things get even more intense.