Chris Brown gifts Davido expensive diamond pendant

Chris Brown gifts Davido expensive diamond pendant

American singer, Chris Brown has reaffirmed his close relationship with Nigerian artist, Davido by presenting him with a lavish OHB pendant.

Recall that Davido had featured Brown in his chart-topping song Blow My Mind, a collaboration that has since become a fan favorite and cemented their friendship.





In a post on his Instagram story today, Monday, February 19, 2024, Davido shared a glimpse of the extravagant pendant gifted to him by Chris Brown, expressing his appreciation with the caption "love you Ghandi" and affectionately calling Brown "Ghandi."




Notably, Brown showcased his commitment to their friendship by getting a tattoo of the pendant on the back of his head, symbolizing the depth of their connection.

The gesture follows a memorable collaboration between the two artists during Brown's concert in December, where he surprised fans by inviting Davido to join him on stage. Together, they performed Davido's hit track Unavailable, captivating the audience and further solidifying their special bond.

The ongoing display of unity between Chris Brown and Davido continues to resonate with fans, showcasing the power of music to foster friendships across borders and cultures.

As they navigate their respective careers, their unwavering support and admiration for each other serve as a testament to the enduring strength of their bond.





Written By: DJ RAYA