I have a brotherly love for Shatta Wale— Michy

I have a brotherly love for Shatta Wale— Michy

Michy, Shatta Wale’s ex-lover with whom they share a son, has disclosed that despite breaking off things with him, she still “has tiny bits of sweetness” for him.

During an interview on Accra based Okay FM, recently, Michy pointed out that she and her baby daddy have moved beyond the bad blood to build a better relationship for the sake of their son, Majesty and for future businesses.




Michy stated that she presently has brotherly affection for Shatta Wale since she owes him that care as the father of her child.

“I’m happy we have been able to look beyond our differences and bad blood for the sake of the child and businesses that we can do together in future.

“I won’t say I feel something like the way it used to be, it’s more brotherly right now and of course, we have a child together so I owe him that care.

“I’ve shown lots of care to him publicly as well and we won’t be hypocrites and say oh it just faded off, a lot of things have made it fade off but that tiny bit of sweetness is there,” she stated.

The comments by Michy possibly confirm the now cordial relationship existing between the ex-lovers.




Last week, Shatta Wale rallied for support for Michy when he asked his followers via Twitter to throw their weight behind Michy’s new single, titled “Hustle”

“Guys kindly support Michy on her new song for me .. Anyone that can sing from A-Z is getting 2k from me for Freeeee!!!! Thank you I love the vibes in there,” he tweeted.

Michy saw Shatta’s tweet and responded saying;

“I don blow thank you baby daddy @shattawalegh.