I am a servant of God sent to help the youth - Shatta Wale

I am a servant of God sent to help the youth - Shatta Wale

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, has proclaimed himself a servant of God on a divine mission to aid the youth through his music.

During his performance at the Guinness Accravaganza on Saturday, December 2, 2023, Shatta Wale expressed his commitment to impacting the lives of young people, aiming to spare them from the challenges he faced during his upbringing

He emphasized that his music serves as a medium for preaching God's message and revealed personal moments of solitary conversations with the divine.

"God has blessed us, and I just want people to follow me not just for my music. I am just a servant of God, preaching through my music. Sometimes I sit down and talk to God alone, sometimes. I just want to try my possible best to let people know that he's The King of Kings."

Shatta Wale acknowledged those who believed in him and affirmed his authenticity, dispelled notions of mystical practices, urging the youth to believe in themselves.

"Nobody ever believed in me, but Ebe you, you and you, wey you believe in me today, so what I dey stand here Eno be Juju oo. If you dey go malam stop cos malam go chop your money, if you Wan go malam call me ago give you malam things, you go do you will succeed. Watch God because God go watch you."

As a tangible demonstration of his support, Shatta Wale gifted GHC 5000 to five fans while unveiling his new real estate venture, Feelbro homes. Expressing a desire for unity within Ghana's music industry, he lamented the lack of collaboration among artists to collectively uplift their fans.

"I wish Ghana music had the unity so we could support you, the fans, because you left all you were doing, paid money to come and watch us, and for that, we are grateful," he stated.

Looking ahead, Shatta Wale hinted at organizing a music workshop in the coming year. The workshop aims to empower young talents not only in music but also in shaping their unique identities.

"Next year, I want to have a music workshop, and I want everyone to come on board. If you know say not only music, I just want to teach you how to be who you want to be and not like another person," Shatta Wale expressed his vision for nurturing aspiring talents beyond the realm of music.