If you follow your beauty you’ll sleep with every man; work hard – Michy to ladies

If you follow your beauty you’ll sleep with every man; work hard – Michy to ladies

A renowned social media influencer and television personality, Michy has opened up about her lucrative career and financial success.

"Influencing - if someone says they are making money online, you better believe it," Michy confidently asserted, highlighting the immense opportunities available on the internet. According to her, consistency, creativity, and a substantial following are key factors contributing to her financial prosperity as an influencer and TV presenter.

Beyond her online presence, Michy's diverse sources of income include being a landlady and owning an eatery. Host Nana Romeo commended Michy's business acumen, remarking that it's uncommon for a beautiful woman like her to face financial challenges. In response, Michy emphasized the importance of not relying solely on one's looks but rather channeling efforts into meaningful work.

Although Michy acknowledged that she could easily receive financial assistance from admirers, she candidly questioned the price she might have to pay for such support. She lamented the societal expectation that women might have to compromise their values or engage in unfavorable practices to secure financial stability.

In an interview, Michy revealed how she harnesses the power of social media influencing and entrepreneurship to generate substantial income.

Michy further stated that, she believes in women's empowerment through self-reliance. She encouraged women to pursue their goals independently, understanding that true success and financial freedom come from harnessing their strengths and abilities.





Written BY: DJ RAYA