I'm Forever SM Boy, For Life is For Life

I'm Forever SM Boy, For Life is For Life

Black Sherif acknowledged Shatta Wale in a video after the dance hall star popped up during a conversation

In the video, a Nigerian man was listing names that have supported Sherif in his rise to stardom, and the SM boss was mentioned

Black Sherif acknowledged Shatta by saying he is a Shatta Movement fan, and the video sparked discussions on social media

Young Ghanaian music star Black Sherif in a video, acknowledged Shatta Wale after his name popped up during a conversation.

In the video, an excited Nigerian man praised Sherif and acknowledged folks who positively impacted the young man's career.

The man first gave a shout-out to Burna Boy, who featured on the remix of Black Sherif's Second Sermon and managed to help elevate Black Sherif's career with his influence. Sherif is currently signed to Empire Entertainment, the same record label as Burna. Dj Khaled was also mentioned.

The famous Dj shared a video of him Jamming to Second Sermon, which went viral and added to the song's success. Finally, Shatta Wale's name was mentioned, and there was a loud cheer by peeps in the room.

Once Shatta's name was mentioned, Black Sherif said ''Me I be SM boy'' in acknowledgement of the dancehall star. The video sparked discussions amongst netizens as they wondered how Shatta impacted Blacko's career.

Black Sherif Acknowledges Shatta;

Peeps React Kojo Slim asked:

Why didn’t they mention king sark

IamLyPa also said:

Never and never forget about pocolee ,, that guy really showing love to Blacko out there

Mantse Ayitey also commented:

From today I am loving this boy to core.Only for how he openly affirmed that he is SM boy. I love it when people show gratitude.