Lesbian couple begin search for a sperm donor

Lesbian couple begin search for a sperm donor


As it’s biologically impossible for them to conceive an offspring between themselves, this lesbian couple have launched the search for a sperm donor who’d help them bring life so they can start a family.

One of the couple took to Twitter to share that her wife and her are looking for a sperm donor – who should meet certain requirements – who’d help them with the gift of life.

As she asks tweeps to retweet her tweet, the lady says the sperm donor must be African American, who is healthy and free from STDs.

The lady wrote,

My wife and I are trying to start our family and need help finding a sperm donor!! Must be African American, healthy, & std free!
Please make this go viral so my wife and I can find someone to help give us the gift of life!”

Source: Celebrity Buzz