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January 18th, 2021
(Video) My reaction to MZGee’s dumb question And My Face Every. - Where Wendy Shay

(Video) My reaction to MZGee’s dumb question And My Face Every. - Where Wendy Shay

Renowned female dancehall artist, Wendy Shay has disclosed that her interview with Joy News reporter, MzGee which ended with an insult increased her popularity.

A video of the clone artist, Wendy Shay insulting JoyNews presenter Mzgee surfaced on the internet and angered most people who saw the video.

Social media users after watching the video bullied and criticized her for describing an interview question as dumb.

However, Wendy Shay has now made it clear the intentions which influenced her reaction as she reveals that the incident made her more popular in the media space.

Speaking in an interview with Maxwell Amoofia after the occurrence, the ‘Psalm 35’ singer said though many people passed negative comments after the incident, she doesn’t give a howl to such comments.

She said, “Gold shines after going through fire…and I’m really ready to go through the fire.”

“I am not bothered by the trolls. The media were doing their work and I’m also doing mine. I am trending and my face is everywhere. It’s part of the game.,” Wendy Shay added.

When asked if she has any resentment for the interviewer after the incident, Wendy Shay positively responded.

“We are all humans. She hasn’t done anything wrong to me personally. So we are fine,” She stated.

Watch the interview below…