Bobrisky be looking beautiful in new photos

Bobrisky be looking beautiful in new photos

Popular male cross-dresser, Bobrisky is looking so delectably beautiful in new photos, and we couldn’t help but share..

The transvestite shared the photos on the gram.

See them below:

Meanwhile, he has some choice words for folks who have unkind things to say about his new physique.

Posting on his Instagram, the socialite put on blast, folks who have been mouthing off in his comment section. “The more dey keep hating….. u fire them with more hot pic. U can go and kiss a snake if u are worried over someone else life. You have yours, mind ur business,” he said, adding, “Y are some people STUPID? Worried over someone else life. Wat happened to minding your business?”

He continued, asking why the trolls still follow his Instagram account seeing they don’t like how he has chosen to lead his life. “Must u follow who u don’t like ? Use ur unfollow button. I’m only following 9 people here am not following u leave my life alone foolish idiots.”

This interesting update comes two months after he revealed that he had began to medically transition into a woman. Posting on his Instagram in December, the socialite explained why his waist had begun to flare like a woman’s. “I’m on a drug [which] is reducing my male hormones,” said the crossdresser in his post, adding that it is why he is now developing a “girlie, lovely shape.”

“I bought the drugs in the [United States of America] and it is working! That’s why you can see that my body is changing–the shape is changing, the waist is [flaring] out.”

Now, he is showing off the result of his transition and this is making trolls uncomfortable. Check out his clapback below:

Source; yabaleftonline