I have not undergone liposuction; God created me very beautiful  - Agradaa

I have not undergone liposuction; God created me very beautiful - Agradaa

Evangelist Patricia Asiedua, also known as Agradaa, has responded to people who were making fun of her choice of clothing during a morning workout session.

The Evangelist posted a video on Instagram where she was jogging on the streets wearing a pink pair of shorts and a sleeveless top. This outfit showed parts of her body, including her thighs and buttocks.




In another video, Agradaa addressed the criticism and teasing she received for her attire. She mentioned that she won't let others dictate her life. She also said that after watching her own video, she realized that a lot of people around the world are quite conservative in their views, which she referred to as "villagers."





She defended her clothing choice, saying that people who are enlightened would understand that her outfit wasn't inappropriate unless she wore it to a nightclub.

Agradaa expressed pride in her natural appearance and mentioned that she hadn't undergone liposuction, even though she had the means to do so. She emphasized that she appreciates how God created her, and she's comfortable with her body.

She clarified that she didn't regret her video and wouldn't have changed her choice of clothing even if she had gone to the beach. Agradaa emphasized her pride in her appearance and explained that she had the financial capacity to undergo liposuction multiple times, but she chooses not to.

"What do you say? Nobody can dictate my life for me. Some of you are villagers. It is from the video I posted that I have come to the conclusion that 80% of people in the world are villagers. Some of you are villagers" she said.

"What is the problem about the dress? Enlightened people know it is only if I wear such and go drinking in a night club that it can be described as untoward."

"I am from training and I have put a video out and you are worried. Should I have gone to the beach? Guess what? How ever I am, I am proud of it. God has created me very beautiful with a beautiful colour.


Written By: DJ RAYA