Breast feeding, fondling doesn’t prevent breast cancer – Stephanie Benson

Breast feeding, fondling doesn’t prevent breast cancer – Stephanie Benson

Musician and cancer survivor Stephanie Benson, has rejected claims that fondling of breasts or breastfeeding can prevent cancer.

Speaking in an interview on Okay FM, the singer said that such claims are ridiculous adding it is irresponsible for people to spread such misleading information.

Stephanie Benson noted that such claims could push women into having their breasts fondled even when they do not like that, just because of the fear of having cancer.

“There are certain things you just don't mess with,” she said, adding that she has been married for decades, has five kids and still got breast cancer.




Stephaine Benson stated that it is high time that narrative is dropped and real information on breast cancer shared to save lives.

The singer over the years has been very open about her fight with breast cancer.

In 2022, she shared with her fans the scars she has after her battle with breast cancer and other health issues and her healing journey.

Due to the severity of her breast cancer, Stephaine Benson indicated that she has lost her nipples, but she is happy to be alive.

“Love yourself; you are all you have and nobody will love you as much as you love yourself,” she urged in a video she shared on Instagram.






Written By: DJ RAYA