Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows - Fameye cries out

Ghanaians outside don’t attend our shows - Fameye cries out

Ghanaian music sensation, Fameye, has expressed his disappointment with the prevalent lack of genuine support and funding in the music industry.

Speaking on the Day Show on TV3, Fameye stated that Ghanaians residing outside of the country often do not attend their fellow countrymen’s shows with the same fervour and anticipation that Nigerian artists’ performances generate.

According to him, Fameye stated that the constant negative comparisons and criticism deter potential investors from allocating resources to artists who have the potential to achieve feats similar to those of Nigerian artists.

“Since I blew up in 2019, I played shows in UK and America, I have gone with other people I have gone with and it didn’t pick for us. Even it would work for us, the Ghanaians have to be the majority there and even that, they are shy to tag along,” he noted.

He said “Why do you think Ghanaians keep cancelling their shows, they don’t come. When Wizkid has a show, people seek permission from work four months prior to the show, they won’t do that for any Ghanaian artist. King Promise has been performing internationally for a long time now but Ghanaians have a problem.”

The 'Nothing I Get' hitmaker indicated that Ghanaian artists now have to make the effort to feature Nigerian artists, as they feel that collaborations with Ghanaian artists might not yield the desired exposure for them.




Written By: DJ RAYA