Quit abusive marriages - Kwabena Kwabena advices women

Quit abusive marriages - Kwabena Kwabena advices women

Ghanaian Highlife artiste Kwabena Kwabena has emphasized that abuse is not a manifestation of love, urging victims to leave abusive relationships without hesitation.

According to him, ladies should not hesitate to leave a relationship if their man assaults them or even attempts to assault them.

He said this during a live studio interview with Accra 100.5 FM on February 7, where he said that ladies should not tolerate any form of physical abuse from their partners, as that is not a sign of love.

"If someone who says he loves you physically abuses you, that is not love. The moment your man lifts his hand to hit you, please leave such a relationship. Even if you are married, if your husband beats you, pack your bags and go back to your father's house," he said.

The “Afraid to Lose You” hitmaker said that he would also not tolerate any form of abuse meted out to his daughter if she got into a relationship.

"If my daughter is getting married, I will tell her husband one thing: he either takes care of her or leaves her alone. The moment I hear that she is going through abuse, I would personally go and pick her up from her husband's house and bring her home,” he said.

Kwabena Kwabena also condemned men who engage in any form of domestic violence, saying that they “have to bow down their heads in shame.”

His comments come amid a wider discussion on domestic abuse in Ghana.





Written By: DJ RAYA