American rapper, Busta Rhymes reveals plans to visit Ghana in 2024

American rapper, Busta Rhymes reveals plans to visit Ghana in 2024

American rapper and songwriter, Busta Rhymes has disclosed his eagerly awaited plans to visit Ghana later this year.

In an exclusive interview with Berla Mundi at a pre-66th Grammy event in Los Angeles, the Grammy-nominated artist revealed that comedian Dave Chappelle had initially extended an invitation last year, but due to prior commitments, Busta Rhymes couldn't make it.

However, he expressed his determination to make the trip during the upcoming holidays.

"While Dave Chappelle wanted me to come to Ghana last year, I had other engagements, so I couldn't. The plan is to come this year, during the holidays. I cannot promise, but the goal is to come to Ghana this year," Busta Rhymes shared during the interview with Berla Mundi.

In addition to his travel plans, Busta Rhymes delved into his recent collaboration with Nigerian music sensation Burna Boy on the track "Roboshotta," featured on his eleventh studio album, Blockbusta.

The album, released on November 24, 2023, through his Conglomerate Entertainment label with distribution by Epic Records, showcases Busta Rhymes' versatility and creativity.

Expressing admiration for Burna Boy, Busta Rhymes expressed his desire to collaborate further with African artists, signaling potential future projects with talents from the continent.