I wasn't slaying because my pastors said wigs, makeup were demonic - Diana Asamoah

I wasn't slaying because my pastors said wigs, makeup were demonic - Diana Asamoah

Gospel singer Diana Asamoah is now in her slaying era. The Ghanaian singer is now often spotted rocking beautiful wigs, dresses and more.

Revealing why she has switched to glow-up with fashionable looks, Diana Asamoah, said some pastors she encountered have misled her but her eyes have opened now.

According to Diana Asamoah, the late prophet Emmanuel Kwaku Apraku, popularly known as 'Apraku My Daughter,' and other preachers were those who influenced her against wigs, and makeup.

During a recent interview on Joy Prime's Prime Morning show, the Ghanaian singer disclosed that embracing their teachings during her formative Christian years made her not like anything related to enhancing her natural beauty.

'When I gave my life to Christ, there were a lot of false doctrines. Apraku My Daughter was a famous pastor by then.

So, my church invited him, and when he came, he said that a dwarf took him to a forest where it was revealed to him that ladies’ hair cream is made of blood, the powder is from the ashes of human bones, including make-up products and others, and he made us understand that anyone involved in such things wouldn’t make it to heaven,” she said.

During the conversation with Roselyn Feli, the host of the show, she said as a new convert, she was gripped with fear since she was not well-versed and knowledgeable about the word of God.

Nevertheless, a pivotal moment in her life occurred when she encountered Pastor Ato Haggan, whose profound teachings in the scriptures significantly moulded her comprehension of such matters.





Written By: DJ RAYA