Spyro confesses love for Tiwa Savage

Spyro confesses love for Tiwa Savage

In recent news, fast-rising Nigerian singer, Spyro, has revealed his newfound admiration for the melodious singer, Tiwa Savage. This admiration came about when Spyro featured Tiwa Savage on the remix of his hit single, “Who’s Your Guy”, which was released last week.

Spyro spoke of how he often speaks to Tiwa Savage on the phone and how he is considering stopping it because he is falling harder and harder for her with each passing conversation.




He wrote; “Yo guys, TIWA is such an amazing soul. Super Glad I chose her for my remix

I actually think I need to stop talking to her on phone the more we talk the more I fall for her MY GUYEST GUY IS TIWA.”
Love, admiration, and appreciation are natural responses between people and it is great to see that such feelings can be nurtured and grown in a manner that not only benefits the two of them, but their fans as well. Spyro and Tiwa Savage are two of Nigeria’s finest and most passionate musicians, and it would be truly wonderful to hear what they could create if they ever decided to take their relationship to the next level.
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Written By: DJ RAYA