Follow men that will lavish money on you – Tiwa Savage advices ladies

Follow men that will lavish money on you – Tiwa Savage advices ladies

Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has urged single ladies to date men who are willing to spend lavishly on them.

The 43-year-old songstress said while she is not encouraging prostitution, it is better for women to cry with luxurious, expensive possessions after they get damaged, adding that men would always break their hearts anyway.

In a video shared online, Tiwa Savage was seen on stage telling women that they should be with men who can keep up with their financial level.

She said it's nice when a woman has her own money and that the man should be able to match her in terms of financial energy. She also mentioned that even if the man can match her financially, there's still a chance he might hurt her emotionally.




She added that it's better to be sad while having expensive designer bags and traveling on a private jet to a place like Dubai. She emphasized that she's not promoting the idea of seeking money from men, but rather advocating for women to have their own financial independence.

In her own words, “I am not encouraging runs, I am not saying you should go after a man for his money. I am just saying it is sweet when he wants to spend his money on you.

“They will still break your heart anyways. So, it is better for you to cry with your Christian Doir, and your Birkin bag and your private jet to Dubai. We have our own money , we are just saying, his money is important and must be eaten.”

'Runs' is an act where a person pursues a love interest with the sole purpose of making money out of them.