'It’s about whom you know' - Sista Afia on the lack of support for her music

'It’s about whom you know' - Sista Afia on the lack of support for her music

Ghanaian singer Francisca Gawugah known by the stage name Sista Afia says has said she is having difficulty advancing her career due to lack of support from the industry.

Speaking in an interview, she emphasized that although her fans are her biggest supporters, the fact that some key industry players choose to downplay her efforts during significant events hinders her progress.

“I feel like I have not had the support as much and God is my witness. I've done what I have to do as an individual artiste. I record my songs. I have a studio in my house. I’ve been recording my songs since JEJE and I’ve been doing it till now. Not because I want people to see what I’m doing but I’m happy doing what I’m doing. The support for me hasn’t been great.

The fans love me but the ones to hold you and take you to places. Sometimes I’m sidelined as well. I hear people talk about me. Sometimes they will request me on a show and someone will be like why are you putting her on put this one instead. It’s about who you know.”

The JEJE hitmaker also mentioned how having a personal relationship with God has been extremely helpful to her.

“I found God not now. My strength, everything that I do, every song that I bring out it’s only God that makes that happen. Do you know why? Because the stress that you would go through. I didn’t even think that I was going to release a song this year. I told myself I was going to do my private event and move on with my life. But how it just happened then I found out and said God wants me to do this thing. Everything that I’ve done, every video that I’ve shot, every promotion that I’ve done, every hit song I get I don’t deserve it but God gives it to me.”

There have been complains about how women are treated in the music industry in Ghana.

According to the lot, the women who make up the industry have over the years not been treated well and there is the need for things to change.

Meanwhile, Sista Afia is out with a new song titled 'Carry Go'.

The track is her first official single and release for the year 2023. it was produced by one of Ghana's talented producers, Abochi.

The song discusses her romantic life and lays out her goals.



Written By: DJ RAYA