14-Year-Old “Bitcoin Millionaire” Flexes Fancy Cars Online, Peeps Call His Bluff: “I Thought It Was Real”

14-Year-Old “Bitcoin Millionaire” Flexes Fancy Cars Online, Peeps Call His Bluff: “I Thought It Was Real”

A 14-year-old took to TikTok to claim that he was a "bitcoin millionaire" and showed off some fancy cars

Peeps were sceptical, to say the least, but the clip itself had gone viral and received over 500 thousand likes

Netizens questioned the boy and wondered how someone so young could have such and found out the truth

A 14-year-old went online to claim that he was a "Bitcoin Millionare" but was quickly called out by netizens worldwide.

haziqnasreey posted the clip online, and it went viral, gaining over 4 million views on TikTok. Folks who spoke multiple languages worldwide commented on the lip, but more than anything, scepticism was in the air.


False fortune

The kid explained how and when he bought the cars in the clip. He started with a small Smart car that cost about 15 thousand dollars and then moved to luxury vehicles. He started telling details about the price and when each car was purchased.

@haziqnasreey My full car collection as a 14 year old bitcoin millionaire! bütün dediyim papaq idi! #fypシ #fypmalaysia #antworten ♬ Chill Day - LAKEY INSPIRED

The clip raised a lot of suspicions from folks in the comment section who doubted his legitimacy. The rouse seemed to take hold of many peeps but was shattered once the dude stated that the cars weren't his on his profile.

Netizens kept asking questions. See the comments below:

陽陽 said: "Imagine owning so many cars but can't drive it."

... commented:

"Change the 'I' to 'My parents' "

ازرين اسكندار ؟ mentioned:

"Bro when I was 10 I was at the playground playing hide and seek."

Tayo◡̈ shared:

"Doesn’t care bout your cars bro, but your accent soooo smooth af"

Tik Toker posted: "Millionaire live in terrace housing area? Interesting."

Zazazzax commented:

"I know none of these cars not yours like what it said in ur bio, but can u do quick review on that lambo pls."