Nollywood actress Praise ogbonna suffers domestic violence

Nollywood actress Praise ogbonna suffers domestic violence

Nollywood actress Praise Ogbonna cries out on social media after getting beat up by her lover - According to Ogbonna, her boyfriend locked her up in the house and abused her -


She shared the details on social media, wishing she listened to people's advise Nollywood actress, Praise Ogbonna recently suffered the worst form of domestic violence and shared the details on social media. According to her, the man she called her lover which many have warned her about locked her up and beat the daylight out of her. Ogbonna who revealed she was penniless to a friend shared in a chat all the horrible insults he poured out before he descended and started hitting all over. She expressed regret for not listening to her friend named Kate who she messaged to come to her aid. Praise who is currently on the run was advised by Kate to leave her apartment and go home. She helped by transferring some money to her after she revealed she had spent it all on the man who almost killed her.

Here is her post below: "This is what I get for being in love. Someone should better talk senses into me now, or else I would use the last items on the last slide on me now. This is what i get for being nice, people always hurting me. Getting beaten up by a man. #domesticviolencevictim I do not know who I am anything, I am tired of suppressing feelings deep inside of me. Tired of smiling and suffering, from one challenge to the other and now this. I can’t believe I would ever be a victim, it hurts really bad. I feel worthless."