Kendall Jenner has a new lover and is an NBA star!

Kendall Jenner has a new lover and is an NBA star!

Kendall Jenner would not be a heart to take! After breaking up with Detroit Pistons player Blake Griffin, the young lady would have found a boyfriend. And she did not have to go far, since he is also ... NBA player! According to the information of Page Six, Kendall Jenner would have found love in the arms of Ben Simmons, the leader of the 76's in Philadelphia. Dafté in first place in 2016, the 21-year-old Australian was quickly injured in his first season. It's only this year that Ben Simmons has revealed himself on the floor, to become the favorite for the rookie title (best first year player) of the year.


According to a relative interviewed by Page Six, the two young people would have been dating for "a few weeks". According to another source, the couple was seen this week at a lover's luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. And another talks about an appointment in Manhattan at a restaurant party with several friends. "Security measures have been taken so that Kendall and Ben enjoy their evening quietly," said a witness, "they were smiling."

Unlike her sisters, Kendall Jenner has always been very discreet about her private life. While she was on Vogue's cover last March, the young lady confided in rumors that she is lesbian: "I do not think I'm bisexual or lesbian, but I do not know, who knows? I have a kind of male energy, I'm not transgender or anything, but I have a strong energy, I'm moving differently, but I'm with someone very nice. "