Nigerians had been bashing Lil Baby for his lacklustre verse on Davido's 'So Crazy.

In the early hours of November 11, 2020, American rapper, Lil Baby responded to criticism from Nigerian music lovers as regards his verse on Davido's latest single, 'So Crazy.'


He took to his Twitter account and wrote,

"I’m from the trenches how the fucc ima turn down 100 racks to talk *emoji* but it’s some bigger in store tho *emoji*"

He then went ahead to say that he was done with features,

"It was fun while it lasted *Money bag* No More features from Lil Baby."

Nigerians had been bashing

Lil Baby for his lacklustre verse on Davido

's 'So Crazy.' In all honesty, the verse was weak and quit flat. It wasn't as exciting as Lil Baby would usually perform on a Trap&B, Trapsoul or Lo-Fi be at.

Here are some tweets;