Lift of lockdown: Lydia Forson, Prince David Osei 'clash' on Twitter

Lift of lockdown: Lydia Forson, Prince David Osei 'clash' on Twitter

The president yesterday lifted the 21-day partial lockdown directive placed on some parts of the country.

Lydia Forson and Prince David Osei

The announcement has generated lots of debate on social media, while some are of the view that the lift was not the best decision to be made, others are also of the view that it was prudent.

Two of Ghana's filmmakers with huge following on social media, Prince David Osei and Lydia Forson, battled it out on what they thought should have been the appropriate solution especially with Ghana recording 1042 cases and 9 deaths.

Lydia Forson seemed quit 'confused' on why President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo chose to impose restrictions of movement of people when Ghana recorded few cases but has lifted the lockdown when the country has recorded 1042 cases.

"So we record a few cases and rush to have a #partiallockdown. And when the cases increase we remove the ban. Please help me understand this. I genuinely want to know," she wrote on her Twitter page.


However, Prince David Osei was of the view that the new directive by the president is geared towards making Ghanaians learn how to be responsible citizens.

"Welp! The President has spoken and trusts us to be good citizens. We need to learn to be responsible citizens take care of ourselves by still adhering to all precautionary measures, wearing our masks and practicing social distance. If you don’t have to go out STAY HOME! Much education on COVID-19 is needed for our folks in the rural areas and hinterlands. Still no social gathering which includes schools, parties, rallies, churches, festivals, funerals, etc. God bless our homeland Ghana. Stay safe," he wrote.

But a not convinced Miss Forson reacted by saying, people were flouting the rules when the partial lockdown was active so this decision threatens the fight against the pandemic.

"Wofa Wofa Wofa!!! During the lockdown sef beach was going on how much more this?!".