Moesha dazzles in police outfit in Halloween photoshoot

Moesha dazzles in police outfit in Halloween photoshoot

This year's Halloween festivities was marked with an array of interesting costumes, with the countries across the globe joining in the celebration.

Some Ghanaians joined the trend, with celebrity photo model and on-screen goddess, Moesha Boduong taking advantage of the festive occasion to showcase her photogenic prowess.

A day to the Halloween celebration, Moesha Boduong took to her Instagram account to share some eye-catching pictures of herself in a tight-fitting blue police outfit, a police cap over her head and handcuffs.

Captioned 'License and registration please' with a sub-caption 'Halloween outfit', the post attracted a lot of admiration from the model's followers, with majority of them pleading with Moesha to be 'arrested' by her.

For one who goes by the tag 'photo model', it is no surprise that Moesha Boduong seized the opportunity to display her modelling skills.

About Halloween

Halloween is an annual holiday celebrated in the United States each year on October 31. It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Over the years, the festival has been embraced and celebrated by other countries.