Young men are competing with 60 year old men to please girls -Berla Mundi

Young men are competing with 60 year old men to please girls -Berla Mundi

Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi, shed light on the difficulties faced by young men in relationships, emphasizing the competition they often experience with older individuals who may possess greater financial stability.
Mundi highlighted the pressure on young men to meet certain relationship expectations and societal standards, making their journey more challenging compared to women who may have easier access to assistance.

During her appearance on the New Day show, Mundi expressed the growing challenges faced by young men, stressing the hardships they encounter in relationships. She pointed out that, unlike women who can readily seek help from others, young men often lack a similar support system.

Mundi noted the unique burden on young men who find themselves competing with older individuals, potentially more financially established, to fulfill the desires of their partners.

"At least for a woman, you know you can call someone, but when it's a young man, he has no one to go to and there is also a burden of a girlfriend expecting so much from you .




"As a young man, you are competing with a 60 year old man who probably can afford all the things a girl you age would like, meanwhile you are hoping that you and that girl can have a future together unfortunately the girl is aiming higher and expecting an iPhone 15 when you don't have an iPhone 11 or 12.

So there is a lot of pressures on young men in relationships and it's tough for them" She added.

Mundi provided insights into the complexities young men face, navigating the expectations of their girlfriends while striving for a shared future

She highlighted the contrasting situations where a young man, perhaps lacking the resources to meet extravagant expectations, competes with older individuals who might afford such luxuries.