This Is How Khaby Lame Spends His Millions off Tiktok

This Is How Khaby Lame Spends His Millions off Tiktok

How Khaby Lame Spends His Millions After Massive Tiktok Paycheck

Viral Tiktok sensation and world’s most-followed Tiktoker, Khaby Lame has been an internet talk lately after reports showed that he was taking home a massive paycheck of around USD$720,000 per post on Tiktok.

The Senegalese-born Italian star who’s currently sitting on 149.6 million followers has amassed immense wealth over the years since his rise to fame during the 2020 COVID-19 period.

Ever since Fortune Magazine’s reports of his massive paycheck went viral on social media, many have been wondering what the 22-year-old star has been spending his millions on.

Lame is currently staying at his €5 million worth Milano flat that he shares with his manager, Alessandro Riggio. This is one of the properties he has reportedly purchased for himself in Italy.

Khaby has never said much about his family and what he has so far done for his father and mother, however, from various media interviews it is pretty clear that he has worked hard to make their lives better. Some media sources claim that he purchased an expensive and luxurious house for his mother in one of Milan’s high-end neighbourhoods.

Some confirmed reports have also revealed that Khaby, who has a publicly confessed love for big cars currently owns 4 beasts under his name. He has a sleep matte black Mercedes-AMG G63 worth US$179,000, a Range Rover Sport worth US$104,000, an Evoque worth around US$46.400 and a Jeep Compass under his name.

Tiktok is not his only source of income as he has been rubbing shoulders and endorsing some big brands such as Netflix, Binance, Meta and Hugo Boss.

His recent Instagram posts seem to show one of the things Khaby is spending his millions on, that is, high-end fashion. Khaby has been spotted donning some expensive designer clothing such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Hugo Boss.

For his entertainment, Khaby once revealed that he spends more time video gaming and watching cartoons. He believes this would help him learn the basic English language that he desperately needs to qualify for some Hollywood gigs. If all goes well, we might be seeing Khaby not only on social media but on small screens too, as an actor.