I found God through broken heart - Efia Odo

I found God through broken heart - Efia Odo

Ghanaian socialite Efia Odo has revealed the profound impact her recent breakup had on her life during an interview on the GH Queens show.

Recounting her emotional journey, Efia Odo disclosed that the heartbreak prompted her to reassess her self-worth and led her to a spiritual awakening.

Following the breakup, Efia Odo returned to her family in the United States, where she spent six months nursing her emotional wounds.

She described this period as marked by constant tears and introspection, emphasizing how the experience helped her recognize the importance of self-love.



The socialite confessed to crying daily, using Gyakie's songs as a source of solace. Efia Odo stated that the breakup taught her valuable lessons about self-worth and the significance of prioritizing personal value. She shared the popular sentiment that heartbreak often leads individuals to find solace in spirituality, and in her case, it led her to a deeper connection with God.

Highlighting the turning point in her healing journey, Efia Odo revealed that her last bout of tears occurred in August. At that moment, she resolved to embrace her strength and not allow such experiences to dictate her self-perception.

Efia Odo emphasized that future relationships would be based on financial considerations rather than romantic feelings. She candidly stated, "Going forward, the men should take note; it will be all about money."

Earlier, in a new season of the reality TV series GH Queens, Efia Odo openly discussed her past romantic relationship with rapper Kwesi Arthur.

She shared that their three-year relationship ended abruptly, prompting her decision to practice celibacy as part of her healing process.

Despite the challenges, Efia Odo expressed gratitude for the transformative journey and her regained sense of self.