Becca addresses skin-bleaching accusations

Becca addresses skin-bleaching accusations

Ghanaian singer, songwriter and actress, Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa Acheampong, well known as Becca, says she doesn’t regard what people say about her as the ultimate truth.

In an interview with Doreen Avio on Monday, she said people are always, and at every step, ready to bring her down but what keeps her going is her father’s advice.

“My father told me one thing, and it’s called opinion and everyone has their opinion of things so if I am going to be hurt by everyone’s opinions of things…. I am human and I have feelings as well.

“But the thing is that, if you have done something for a very long time and you understand the dynamics of things, you cannot be bothered so much because you know they are just people who want to seek attention. Also, to be frank, I never read comments,” she disclosed.

According to her, people should be better versions of themselves and do what will please them.



She counselled however that not being bothered by what people say doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t respect their opinions, it only indicates she has come of age in the industry.

Becca also noted that she uses Snapchat filters in creating most of her content, in response to suggestions that she may have bleached her skin.

“It was a filter, I told them it was a filter for contents but at the end of the day, I put it out there and I should have expected that.

If you don’t want someone to talk about it you shouldn’t put it there. It’s a filter that everybody uses, I love it and that’s why I continue using it,” she said.

She said there will always be misunderstandings about her, but she is not concerned because she is naturally attractive.

“People just have a way of miscommunicating out there and it is fine with me because there are a million people here in Ghana and I cannot go to everyone’s home and tell or show them how I look. People who see me physically, know how I look. Sometimes, those in the gym see me and laugh. You see me, and you see exactly how I look like.”



Written By: DJ RAYA