Nobody can pressure me to get married - Yemi Alade

Nobody can pressure me to get married - Yemi Alade

Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade, has revealed that she is under no pressure to get married.

Yemi Alade, 34, revealed this during her latest interview with Cool FM, in Lagos.

Yemi indicated that although there is always a rush to get married at the end of the year, she will caution young ladies not to be drowned in pool of pressure from society to avoid settling down with the wrong partner.

The singer advised single ladies to ensure they are getting married to the right partner rather than get motivated with the idea of being married.

Yemi Alade stated: “People often get married, especially towards the end of every year. I’m not feeling pressured. When the time is right, it will happen and I want to encourage young single ladies not to get pressured but to be motivated by the idea of marriage”.

Advising ladies, she said, “Family pressure is a challenging thing to resist because it’s coming from the people you respect and look up to, insisting that you should get married. However, I believe that if they genuinely have your best interests at heart, they will be patient with you because finding the right partner is more crucial than just getting married.

“But beyond that, I don’t think anyone should rush into making the wrong decision of being with the wrong partner.”




Written BY: DJ RAYA