Check Out How Shatta Wale Set A Record At Loud In Bukom 2019 Last Weekend?

Check Out How Shatta Wale Set A Record At Loud In Bukom 2019 Last Weekend?

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Yes the champion Shatta Wale is a beast when it comes to energetic performance, especially in a Ga community.

Last weekend record figure is 109, the self claim african dance-hall king took the stage at the Loud in Bukom to perform more than 100 songs back to back on one stage in one night and all this in 4hours up to 7am.

Well, you've seen incredible performances in Ghana and around the world, but seeing one artiste in one night and on one stage performing 109 song back to back is definitely one of a rarest things you can see. But to do this kind of performance you definitely have to get a great die hard fan base and unlimited repertoire of songs.

The performance which saw Shatta given 100$ note to a die hard fan on stage and some cash to another one who painted him, and he also got some gifts from his fans.

Remember the number of the week is 109.

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Shatta Wale staged a breathtaking performance at Loud In Bukom as he kept fans on their feet till almost 7:00am Sunday. The show had started on Saturday night at the Bukom Square and featured several other artistes. But it starred Tinny, the godfather of Shatta Wale. After a number of performances, the Dancehall Emperor finally took to the stage and treated fans to approximately 109 back to back hits of his songs. He mounted the stage a few minutes past 3:00am and had to be persuaded to end the show to allow fans go back home. The concert was dubbed ‘Father and Son’ or Wale and Ale to commemorate the relationship between Tinny (the father) and Shatta Wale (the son). Shatta Wale did not miss the opportunity while on stage to praise godfather Tinny. The concert was to celebrate Ga Mashie.