Pzeefire Drops Visuals for VACATION

Pzeefire Drops Visuals for VACATION

Vacations are very vital to human existence and once in a while you really need to take a break from all the hard work and make some time especially for family & friends.

Afrofusion Artist David Ayuba  known in Showbiz as Pzeefire couldn’t have chosen the best time to release this Visual than in the Month of Love and beyond.

The song & visuals talks about how stressed his partner was and how much she needed that break and indeed he making that vacation a memory one.

Vacations heals you mentally & Sexually and one must learn how to take that needed break once in a while.

Hope #Vacation makes it to your playlist and eventually becomes one of your personal favorite as we enjoy good times with our loved ones.


Credits for Vacation:Artist:

Pzeefire Composer: David Ayuba

Producer: Psyco

Mastered by: UbeatzVideo

Director: Mo SamboExecutive

Producer/Publisher: Speech

ProductionAggregator: Distroplug