I have a thing for taller men- MzVee lists qualities in men she loves

I have a thing for taller men- MzVee lists qualities in men she loves

Ghanaian musician, Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda, popularly called MzVee has made it known to the world her kind of dream and perfect man.

Dancehall singer, MzVee has sent a strong message to the world with regards to the kind of man she would want to marry.

The songstress disclosed this in an interview with ZionFelix.

MzVee said she was single and she is definitely ready to mingle, however, the man should at least have some qualities that will guarantee a nice future.

"I am ready to meet new people so yes people can apply," she said.

According to MzVee, she has taste for taller men.

"I don't like short men, I am sorry. I am attracted to taller guys. Not too tall just taller than me.

I also like hardworking and simple guys. I am hardworking," she said.

MzVee recently opened up about her past relationship and what broke it.

According to the popular songstress, the jealousy and insecurities of her boyfriend broke their romantic relationship.

When asked if her man has ever had issues with her music career, MzVee revealed that her ex-boyfriend wasn’t too confident in her abilities as a musician which later grew into jealousy and insecurities.

MzVee was speaking in an interview with Zionfelix. She noted that as a performer, she attracted the interest of men from many areas of life, including those from distant nations. But her ex-boyfriend got upset by this attention.

"He started getting jealous and stuff like that. He just couldn't handle it. It comes with the work. Female musicians get a lot of passes from men and stuff like that and to be with a female musician is a little tough. You have to be confident about yourself. Because she will meet a lot of men and at a point, you will think she does even love you."

You just see all these people with lots of money who come from different countries. And if you are not confident, it will spoil your relationship and that's what happens. He was insecure I think," she said.




source: Pulse GH