Yvonne Okoro “I still live with my parents” - says actress

Yvonne Okoro “I still live with my parents” - says actress

Popular Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Yvonne Okoro has admitted that she still resides in her parent’s home.

In a recent interview with Delay, she revealed that her parents were very conservative with high moral standard hence the decision to continue living with them.

“I live with my parents. I live in a very traditional conservative family where there’s that…you can’t bring a man home unless the man, you know… this is a serious relationship” she said.

Although the actress hopes to move out of the home, she feels it would be a tough decision to make since her parents believe that it is only logical for a woman to move out of her parents’ home only when she’s duly married and wants to move in with her spouse.

“It will be tough to move out of my parents’ house. I wanted to move out way back then but because they are very traditional and conservative they said no. They said it is only right to move out after a man comes for my hand in marriage,” she disclosed.


source: pulse